6 Easy Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling

Does traveling ruin your healthy routine? It usually does for me! Who wants to spend time working out when you could be exploring? Why eat healthy or put in the effort to work out while you’re on vacation? These are things I’m guilty of saying in the past, but not any more! There’s no reason to let yourself go while traveling. After all, if you worked hard at the gym to get toned for your trip, why let it all go to waste with a week of sipping cocktails by the pool?

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Here are four easy ways I stay in shape on the go:

1. Do SOMETHING healthy every day. Whether you wake up and do 15 push ups or go for a ten minute power walk after a big meal, something is always better than nothing. And chances are, once you get going you’ll want to keep going for a bit longer!

2. Try a local fitness class or gym. I recently took a pilates class in Bogotà and it was great! For $10 my friend and I had a private session (something that would probably have been closer to $50 in NYC). Even though I couldn’t understand anything the instructor was saying, I still got a good workout and had a few laughs. If you’re traveling within the US, GoRecess.com is a great site that helps you find nearby classes. If you’re elsewhere, try to do research online in advance or try this no-fail option: ask a local.

BONUS: If you do pilates/yoga/etc. then you don’t even need to pack sneakers!

3. Plan at least one athletic activity during your trip. Hike a nearby mountain. Go horseback riding. Rent bikes for a day and ride through the park. At the very least, opt for the walking tour vs. the bus! You’ve got to earn that pina colada, my friend.

4. Bring some resistance bands with you. They take up almost no space in your bag and don’t add extra weight. Buy them for as low as $10 on Amazon. And you can use them to work out while lying in bed – perfect!

5. YouTube workouts. I  use these at home when I’m too lazy to leave my house to work out. My favorite YouTube workout channel is Blogilates, and the trainer Cassey Ho often does routines that require no equipment and are small space-friendly. If where you are staying has WiFi, you can watch one easily on your tablet or phone for free. 

6. Buy healthy snacks before you leave for the airport, bus, train station, etc. On the road there aren’t many healthy options but when I’m traveling ALL I want to do is snack. I often take long bus trips, which always take rest stops at fast food restaurants. I HATE fast food, but because I’m so hungry by this point I give in and get something. My solution is to pack healthy snacks that I can eat throughout the trip: almonds, a banana, some pieces of dark chocolate, and of course plenty of water. You don’t have to carry these things around with you for a week: just buy them at the local pharmacy/grocery store before you leave for each leg of your journey.

Do you have any tips that have helped you stay fit while traveling? 


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