Dream Destination: Mozambique

While trying to plan my adventures for 2014, I became obsessed with Mozambique. Every single photo I see of this country looks incredible. It’s a bit out of the way to get there (traveling from New York would take me 24 hours each way with 2 flight connections) but I’m determined to plan a trip soon. Here are some of the photos that inspired me…

Ilha de Inhaca, Maputo, Mozambique

Stunning beaches. (Source)

 Maputo skyline from cruiseship East Africa

A major city (Maputo) – there’s only so long I can spend at the beach! (Source)

Tofo Market, Mozambique

Outdoor markets filled with handmade items. (Source)

Unusual Hermit Crab

Once-in-a-lifetime snorkling opportunities. (Source)

Dugong Beach Lodge, Vilanculos, Mozambique

Can you imagine staying here? Pictured: Dugong Beach Lodge in Vilanculos, Mozambique. (Source)

Mozambique in a Nutshell: Mozambique is located on the coast of Southern Africa, and is bordered by South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Once a colony of Portugal, the official language is Portugese but many people speak their own regional dialects. There is plenty of colonial era architecture to be seen in Mozambique, but the country has also preserved its unique African cultural heritage through music, art and food.

The main things to do here include soaking up the gorgeous tropical beaches, diving in the Indian Ocean, exploring almost untouched nearby islands and touring sights like the Fortaleza, a Portugese fort in Maputo. Also, the city of Maputo is quite bustling and seems to have a decent amount of buzzed-about restaurants, nightlife and shopping. The food in Mozambique is heavily influenced by the Portugese, and you’ll also find lots of seafood near the coast.

Prawns at Marisol Baia Tapas & Cocktail Bar

Prawns caught by local fisherman at Marisol Baia Tapas & Cocktail Bar in Maputo, Mozambique

High-maintenance travelers might not want to stay in Mozambique. Hotel reviewers often note that the service is not at the same standards as we expect in America. My philosophy? You’re not in America, so just expect it and plan for it. This country seems too beautiful to miss out on!

Mozambique has accommodations on all ends of the spectrum, from backpacker lodges where you can camp on the beach to five star, luxury resorts. Be aware that you probably need to bring mosquito nets to most places.

Benguerra Lodge Mozambique

Benguerra Lodge on Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Catembe Gallery Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique

Catembe Gallery Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique

Villas do Indico, Vilanculos, Mozambique

Villas do Indico Eco-Resort & Spa Lodge in Vilanculos, Mozambique

If you have been to Mozambique and have any tips, please share them in the comments!

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