A Stylish Stay in Buenos Aires: Posada Palermo

It’s been too long since my trip to Buenos Aires and I think I need to go back and explore this city more. One of my favorite parts of my trip to Argentina was where I stayed: Posada Palermo. Located in the cosmopolitan Palermo neighborhood, the B&B is a true home away from home for the travelers that fill its seven colorful guest rooms (designed by the owner/architect herself).

Posada Palermo, Buenos Aires, Bed & Breakfast

Posada Palermo, Buenos Aires, Bed & Breakfast

I actually flew to Buenos Aires overnight from Boston to meet my parents, as we were visiting my sister who was studying abroad there. It was the longest flight I’ve ever taken alone! When I arrived at the airport, I took a taxi straight to Posada Palermo. From the outside, it didn’t look like a hotel but rather a nice house. I knocked on the door and an employee answered to let me in. It was quite early so my family wasn’t awake yet, and because of a language barrier I couldn’t figure out what room they were staying in. Since I couldn’t bang on their door and wake them, I decided to sit in the lovely common area and wait.

This was no inconvenience at all, because the maid/cook immediately approached me and said “huevos?”. Having just endured a 14 hour flight I was starving so of course I said “si!” and she began making me the most delicious egg sandwich I’ve ever had, along with coffee that looked like a work of art. As the morning grew later, the table was filled with scrumptious homemade jams and spreads, yogurts, freshly baked breads and fruits. Eventually a British couple came downstairs and I began chatting with them. They told me they had met my parents and what room they were in, but at this point I couldn’t care less about seeing them any more – give me more of this food! Posada Palermo, Buenos Aires, Bed & Breakfast Posada Palermo, Buenos Aires, Bed & Breakfast Posada Palermo, Buenos Aires, Bed & Breakfast

Eventually I met the owner and manager who did both speak English and were able to confirm my parents’ room, so I woke them up and told them about my breakfast. When they told me this was going to happen every morning, I was sold. Seriously, best international breakfast I’ve ever had!

Really you should go here just because of the breakfast, but the rest of the B&B is nice as well. The decor is charming and welcoming, and the owner and staff were beyond welcoming and helpful. They provided us tips on where to go and see live music and shows, where to eat and how to avoid getting scammed with counterfeit money. The rooms were also comfortable, stylish and clean.

Posada Palermo, Buenos Aires, Bed & Breakfast

Posada Palermo, Buenos Aires, Bed & Breakfast

Best of all, there were KITTIES! They were very friendly and liked to hang out in the lobby, on the back  patio, or outside my bedroom window to say good morning. If you are highly allergic, take note.

Posada Palermo, Buenos Aires, Bed & Breakfast

Posada Palermo is in an excellent location if you want to go shopping. It is conveniently located near all the best stores (read my guide to shopping in Palermo here) and trendy restaurants, sort of like Soho and the West Village in NYC but slightly more affordable.

Note that if you will be staying out late, someone will have to get out of bed to let you in late at night because the door is locked for safety. They didn’t seem to mind at all when my sister and I rolled in at 5:30AM (this was directly following my overnight flight – thank God for all those coffees!). But I’m sure if we did it every night for a week, it would have been quite rude. Just something to keep in mind!

Above photos are from Posada Palermo’s website, except the coffee and my feline friend (I took those). 

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