Snapshots from Kennebunkport, Maine

Day trips are my new favorite form of mini vacation (who has time for a real vacation? Not I, it seems). They are affordable and you get to experience a new place without taking time off from work/life. And the effect is the same: spend a day exploring a new city or town and you’ll still feel like you went on an adventure, minus the airfare.

Last weekend I was in Boston for a wedding on Saturday night, and on Sunday I went for a short visit to Kennebunkport, Maine. Even though it was cloudy, it was nice to relax by the beach (Maine water is too chilly for me to swim in anyways) and explore this quaint New England town.




Lobster roll (when in Maine) via The Clam Shack located right on the Kennebunk River. They claim the “best in town” so don’t miss out!


The Clam Shack gave us buy one, get one coupons to Aunt Marie’s ice cream, so of course we couldn’t resist stopping in for some Maine Blueberry and Moose Tracks ice cream.



How to get there: driving is the best option (about 1.5 hours from Boston). The nearest airport is Portland, and the nearest Amtrak and bus station is the Wells Transportation Center, which is 6.5 miles away – aka, you’re out of luck without a car.

What to wear: prepsters welcome. Kennebunkport is a prime opportunity to wear your favorite shirt dresses!


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