Bogotà, Colombia Day 3: City Sightseeing

My final day in Bogotà was filled with sightseeing in the city. As much as I hate being a super-tourist, there are certain things you can’t miss when you’re traveling! So we headed downtown to La Candelaria, the historic district of the city. It was a little run down, not as well maintained as other Spanish Colonial “Old Cities” I’ve been to, i.e. Old San Juan in Puerto Rico or La Boca in Buenos Aires. But it has its own charm with unique street art and cool local attractions like the Gold Museum and Monserrate.

Mi ùltimo dìa en Bogotà fui de turismo en la ciudad. No me gusta ser un “super-turista,” pero hay algunas cosas importantes para ver cuando se vieja! Fuimos al centro de la ciudad, a La Candelaria, un district històrico. No estaba tan bien como otras ciudades coloniales españoles (Viejo San Juan en Puerto Rico o La Boca en Buenos Aires). Pero La Candelaria es encandador a su manera con grafiti y lugares de interès, como el Museo del Oro y Monserrate.  

Gold Museum, Museo del Oro, Bogotà Gold Museum, Museo del Oro, Bogotà Gold Museum, Museo del Oro, Bogotà

I’m not normally one to like museums (yawn!) but I definitely did not want to miss the Gold Museum, which has on display thousands of ancient Colombian gold pieces, aka the very first bling. If you think we have some crazy fashion trends today, just check out the kooky nose rings and solid gold 3″ diameter earrings these tribal leaders were rocking way back then!

Normalmente odio los museos (bosteza!), pero sin duda querìa visitar el Museo del Oro, que contiene miles de piezas del oro colombiano antiguo, o el primero “bling.” Si usted piensa moda de hoy es loca, mira los anillos en la nariz y enormes aretes de oro de los jefes de las trubus!

Monserrate Aerial Tram, Bogotà Monserrate Aerial Tram, Bogotà

The other must-do of downtown Bogotà is Monserrate, a mountain that you can access via an aerial tram for some seriously amazing views of the city (here we are above, about to board the tram). I did not realize quite how BIG Bogotà is until I got up there! There is also a restaurant at the top serving typical Colombian food overlooking the city – a pretty cool place to grab lunch. And it’s not all about the view: the food was delicious (basically everything I ate in Colombia was perfect). If you do one touristy thing in Bogotà, go to Monserrate!

Yo tambièn fui a Monserrate, una montaña que accessible en Telefèrico (la foto de arriba: antes de embarcamos). ¡Que vista de la ciudad! No sabìa que Bogotà es tan grande. Hay un restaurante en la cima de la montaña – un buen lugar para comer. Tiene una bonita vista y comida deliciosa (me gustò toda la comida en Colombia). Se hace una cosa turìstica en Bogotà, ir a Monserrate!

Monserrate BogotàMonserrate Bogotà Monserrate Bogotà Restaurant

Don’t miss my first two posts on Colombia: visiting the Salt Cathedral (Catedral de Sal) in Zipaquirà and shopping at the flea market (mercado de pulgas) in Usaquèn.


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