Review: The Jameson Experience in Cork, Ireland

I’m not much of a whiskey drinker, but when in Ireland, right? I visited the old Jameson distillery for a tour during my recent trip to Cork and it was more fun than I originally expected. Set on 15 acres with buildings dating back to 1795, it’s a beautiful spot to visit (as is pretty much anything in Ireland).

The Old Jameson Distillery, Cork, IrelandThe distillery, located in Midleton, is actually quite easy to get to from the city of Cork by public bus. Tour tickets are about €13, and you can get a 10% discount if you book online. It’s even more affordable if you’re a student with ID.

The Jameson Experience, Cork, Ireland Review The Jameson Experience at the Old Distillery, Cork, Ireland Review Review: The Jameson Experience at the Old Distillery in Cork, IrelandThe tour itself was very interesting, as you have the chance to see how whiskey was made back in the day. There are many steps and the process took years, all powered by a water mill! The effort we’ll go through for a good drink. Jameson whiskey is triple distilled, which they claim makes it two times smoother than other types of whiskey (see my personal opinion after a taste test below…).

The Jameson Experience, Cork, Ireland

This tour is really a deal when you consider just how much whiskey they expect you to consume along the way. I was presented with these three shots to conduct a “taste test” after learning about the different types of whiskey. As someone who knew zero about this type of alcohol, I considered this Whiskey 101! Despite the fact that I’m not a lover of the stuff (or even a liker), I had to admit that the Jameson was the best option of all.

The Jameson Experience, Cork, Ireland

After enduring the taste test, I finally got to mix my Jameson with some cranberry juice for something a little easier to swallow. And for all my hard work, I was awarded a Jameson Irish Whiskey Taster Certificate! Definitely something to add to the resume.

If you’re in Cork, the Jameson tour is a fun and informative experience that will only take about 2 hours of your day including travel time. With an affordable price that includes a tour, taste test for those who volunteer, and a free cocktail I’d say – don’t miss it!

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