What to pack for a trip to Morocco

Before leaving for Morocco, I agonized over what to pack. Since I live in fear of airlines losing my luggage and try to travel light, I was only bringing a carry on bag. But I had to pack for multiple climates – from chilly to 80 degrees fahrenheit!

Packing For Morocco

{Left bag: purchased from the tannery in Fes // right: Brandy Melville}

My Morocco Packing Tips:

  • Pack plenty of lightweight long-sleeve, non wrinkle tops. Most women in Morocco are very covered up, so wearing anything sleeveless or low cut will definitely attract the wrong kind of attention. I brought a bunch of cotton tees for casual days and silky tops for times when I wanted to dress up a bit more.
  • Bring a versatile jacket to layer over above tops. I chose to pack a black leather jacket that I ended up wearing practically every day.
  • Prepare to dress in layers: you might be sweating during your day tour in the desert and freezing as you walk to dinner at night. Unless you want to constantly be that girl who has to go back to the hotel and change, layering is your friend.
  • Bring SOCKS. Most of the floors in Morocco are ceramic to keep houses cool. But that also means that your feet are going to be freezing when you are walking around in the morning or before bed! Warm, cozy socks are a must.
  • For the warmer months, long sleeve, lightweight dresses that hit at or below the knee are your best options.
  • Comfy shoes, such as flat boots, are the best footwear choice. You won’t really need heels unless you’re going out to a nice place at night in Marrakech or Casablanca.
  • Accessorize to pack light! Wear the same jeans + top combination with different scarves or jewelry to switch things up. This is how you can fit everything into a carry on or backpack – you don’t want to be the group rolling loud, oversized suitcases through the medina while everyone stares!
  • Keep your destinations in mind. Going hiking in the Atlas Mountains? Trekking through the desert? Appropriate footwear and sun protection is 100% necessary!

Blonde Banana-approved Morocco Style:

Travel Style, What To Pack For Morocco

What I Wore:

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

{Location: Atlas Mountains // Jacket: c/o La Marque // Bag: Madewell // Jeans: H&M // Boots: Payless // Hat: from the souks of Marrakech}

Essaouira, Morocco{Location: Essaouira // Jacket: c/o La Marque // Top: Camilla // Jeans: H&M // Hat: From the souks of Marrakech // My sister is wearing: Jacket from the tannery in Fes}

Read more about my trip to Morocco here.


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