Exploring New York: Tarrytown and Nyack

This weekend I took a short trip outside of the city to explore the river villages of Tarrytown and Nyack. Although I’ve lived in NYC for almost two years, I’ve never explored much of the state outside the five boroughs. One of my 2013 travel resolutions was to explore New York more, and this quick trip on the Metro North Railroad was the perfect start.

Hudson River, Floral Print Blazer

{Floral Blazer: Three Dots // Denim: JustFab // Red nose c/o freezing temperatures + winds}

NYC Skyline from Tarrytown

The view of Manhattan from Tarrytown. A short trip, a different world!

Hudson River View, Tarrytown

This area is really beautiful, with mountains everywhere and stunning riverside views. The villages themselves are so cute, with plenty of Zagat-rated restaurants, stylish shops and historical sites.

Nyack StreetNyack has a row of interesting stores, carrying everything from Moroccan and Indian imports to contemporary fashions and antiques. It’s definitely worth stopping into each boutique on S. Broadway Ave to pick up unique knick knacks for your house or apartment. Nyack, New York Nyack, New York

There are plenty of bars and restaurants on Main Street if you find yourself in Nyack at night. And free parking, too!***

Art Cafe, Nyack, New York Nyack, New York Library Nyack, New York Library

The Nyack Library was one landmark that caught my eye. The building is very pretty and unlike any public library I’ve seen before. There’s also a cute cafe next door called Art Cafe. Perfect for cozying up with coffee + a newly borrowed book?

Strawberry Place, Nyack, Brunch Strawberry Place, Nyack, Brunch Strawberry Place, Nyack, WafflesI have to admit my favorite part of Nyack was brunching at Strawberry Place. This local restaurant is cash only and there’s always a wait on weekends – but it’s worth it! Since I’ve been making an effort to eat healthy, I started off with a veggie omelette (which was very good) before splitting this delicious nutella, banana and strawberry waffle with my brunch partner Camila.

Tarrytown is another must-visit spot on the Hudson River (it was named one of the “Top 10 Prettiest Towns in America” by Forbes Magazine in 2012). A short drive from Nyack, Tarrytown is also easily accessible from NYC by train. Just take the Metro North Hudson line to the Tarrytown station (approximately 35 minutes) and local restaurants, shops and sites are within walking distance.

Tarrytown, New York

The Tarrytown Music Hall is one of the oldest theaters in the country, and the stage has played host to famous musicians like Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. Catch a play or musical here after dining at one of the quant wine bars or pubs nearby.Tarrytown, New York

We stopped for tea at Silver Tips Tea Room, where for $4 you can sit and relax for an hour with a pot of tea – that is, if you can choose from their menu of a million choices! There was also a local ice cream shop called Main Street Sweets that looked amazing – I’m definitely putting it on my to-do list for my return trip this summer.

Metro North TrainIf you’re looking for a weekend escape from the city, even for a day, the towns along the Hudson River make an affordable destination. Even the train ride there, which will only cost around $20 round trip, is enjoyable with a scenic route along the water.

I enjoyed my winter weekend visit, but would definitely recommend heading here once temperatures start to warm up. There are so many things I’m looking forward to on my next trip, from exploring the historic estates on millionaires row to visiting the Sleepy Hollow lighthouse. Is anyone else so ready for summer?

***UPDATE 3/29/2013: Apparently parking is not free in Nyack as I learned from some residents after publishing this post! However, upon further research it’s about $5.50 for the day which is quite affordable if you’re only there for a day. Apparently we were parked illegally – whoops!! Happy to report we did not receive any tickets though.


5 thoughts on “Exploring New York: Tarrytown and Nyack

  1. Lived in Nyack for 10 years. It’s the kind of place where you came from work on Friday and didn’t touch your car until Monday morning. I’ve been in FL for 20 years now, and I still have more people from Nyack that I call close friends. It’s that kind of town . . .

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  3. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Nyack I’ve been going/living there since 1965 but “The Strawberry Place”? Really? I can’t remember that last time we ate the and the cook got my order right.

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