City Love: my favorite things about Milan, Italy

Milan Milan, Crepes Milan Streets Milan, DuomoMilan Apartment

Milan is one of my favorite European cities that I’ve visited so far. I’ve studied Italian since 8th grade and love an opportunity to practice – I also love pasta and Italian food in general.

But those aren’t the only reasons for my infatuation with Milan. The city is chic without being intimidating (cough, New York) and small without feeling like a small town. You can walk everywhere and there’s plenty of greenery mixed in with designer boutiques and trendy nightlife. It’s also NOT super touristy, which I personally prefer.

My perfect day? Grabbing a picnic + drinks at the Parco Sempione. There is a bar, called Bar Bianco, located in the park that’s a nice place to hang out for happy hour. Happy hour, by the way, is another one of my favorite things about Milan. They call it “aperitivo” there and basically every bar and restaurant in the city participates. Buy a drink, and you get free unlimited snacks and appetizers as long as you’re still sipping. If you’re traveling on a budget, it’s a great way to have fun, mingle with locals AND score free yummy food.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Milan’s #1 tourist attraction while you’re there, Il Duomo. It’s free to enter, but costs a small fee to go up to the roof. Don’t miss out on the roof – it’s an amazing view! It’s also fun to walk around the Piazza del Duomo.

My friend and I were fortunate¬†enough to have an amazing AirBnB host (search “Your Place in Navigli”) who had a super stylish apartment and gave us great recommendations for restaurants, bars, etc. We also asked our servers at restaurants and had fun checking out different places in the city. Tip for going out? Dress to impress and bring money for cover – although that usually includes a drink too!

Buon viaggio!


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