Outfit | Awkward in Black & White | NYC

So I’ve been a fashion blogger for YEARS, but this blog is one of my first experiences posting my own outfits (at least sans flattering Instagram filters). And let’s talk about this guys: it’s really awkward. Posing there while people walk by and stare at you. Posing at all is actually extremely awkward. What am I supposed to do with my hands?

So this outfit, I promise you, was cute in real life. It may not translate too well into the photos taken by my coworker Raquel in the lobby of our office building, with weirdly colored walls.



Top + Skirt: Forever 21 (Old) // Boots: Lucky Brand via Marshall’s // Bracelets: Sequin }


Super awkward, right? Well that last one was kind of on purpose. Anyways, I guess we can learn a few things from this post:

1) Fashion bloggers may appear glamorous, but they’re actually socially awkward people that go around photographing themselves. I mean I knew this was true but it JUST hit me.

2) I should probably start taking photos outside. But BRRR it’s cold out guys! Also, how do I train my boyfriend as a professional photographer?? Experienced bloggers, tips are very welcome.


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